If your website is your virtual storefront (and it is), then your FAQ page is your customer service counter AND your helpful sales associate. Too often, web development amateurs (and professionals) treat the FAQ page as simply perfunctory—a space-filler for a webpage. When in reality, it’s one of the most valuable tools available to your growing brand.

Because your website is responsible for your earning of passive income, it must be prepared to field questions, calm fears and build trust. A well-designed and carefully thought-out FAQ page can accomplish this.

Let’s find out how.


FAQ Page Advice, from a Web Development Professional’s Vault

I have seen the effects of poorly developed FAQ pages—and have been dazzled by the results elicited by brilliant ones. And in an effort to identify and extract the differences, I have come up with this list of qualities demonstrated by every brand-building FAQ page:

  • Customer-Designed: Just as your brand isn’t what you say it is, but what your customers say it is, your FAQ page should not be written using the questions you think your ideal customers are asking, but rather created using the actual questions your ideal customers are asking (or wanting to ask). Always remember that if your ideal customers don’t find the answers they’re looking for on your website, they’re unlikely to call or email. They’re far more likely to hop over to the competition’s website.
  • Quantity-Concerned: Too few FAQs, and you risk leaving key people out of your purchasing equation. Too many, and focus is lost. Six to ten FAQs is a good range.
  • Problem-Rousing: Your FAQs should name the main problem experienced by your ideal client and show empathy toward their situation. This will prove that your brand understands, and will also prove to be an essential early step toward the building of trust. The FAQs should also subtly draw attention to how uncomfortable this problem is (i.e. rub salt in the wound).
  • Solution-Presenting: Naming the problem is only effective if a solution is offered, and this can be covered on the FAQs page. Your brand’s solution should be unlike the competitions’ in nature or execution.
  • Values-Centred: Your brand’s corporate values should be demonstrated in everything you do, and FAQs are no exception. In the questions and answers, show (don’t tell) your audience how your values will play out. Some examples of corporate values are integrity, fun, adventure and precision.
  • Value-Offering: Every consumer conducts a calculation in his head before making a purchase, and it goes something like this:  PERCEIVED VALUE OF TRANSACTION minus If the net result of this equation is a positive number, then doing business with your brand will sound like a good idea. Instil this ideal into your FAQs, and you will move your prospects closer to conversion.
  • Clarity-Concentrated: The FAQ page is no place for double-speak, half-truths or vagueness. Remember that this is where your brand begins to build trust, and that starts with being honest and up-front. FAQs’ clarity will build loyalty later on, when customers look back upon your starting-gate integrity.
  • Brand-Building: The FAQ page is a chance to exercise the branded language you’ve created, and to carry out the principles you’ve set forth in your brand strategy. Write with the passion that is your WHY. Let your personal brand shine through. Exhibit your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Make your FAQ page a work of distinctive marketing art—unlike any other.
  • Sales-Focussed: When customers (people who have already purchased) have questions, those questions are generally fielded by the customer service department (live chat, telephone, email, etc.). The FAQs you choose to display should be largely focussed on prospective customers’ questions. This is your chance to name the problem, rub salt in the wound, offer a solution, answer pivotal questions, persuade guarded consumers and ease misgivings. Your website is supposed to create passive income. This means that it must SELL, and it will do so (more effectively) if your FAQ questions are designed with a “service” feel.


  • SEO-Effective: What do people Google when they need an answer? They Google their problem. Your FAQs page is essentially a list of their problems, and so this is a stellar opportunity to put your brand on the search engine map. Conduct research to discover how your ideal customers are searching for solutions like yours, and then incorporate those keywords and phrases into your FAQ page’s text.

Most brand-builders are surprised when they learn about just how important their website’s FAQs page is. It’s not only a place to build trust and perceptions of expertise, it’s a place to build your brand, attract new customers and make new sales.

And there’s more: Stay tuned! Next week, I’ll be back with another Website Wednesday instalment…all about how to use FAQs, specifically, to make conversions whilst you sleep.

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