At How to Build a Brand, we’re not just brand identity strategy and web design experts, we’re also consumers. Just like you, we search the internet for answers to questions and for products and services that will fix a problem or fill a need. And just like you, we quickly navigate away from some websites. Why? Because we choose not to dig for a message in all the clutter.

People have never been busier. Their attention spans have never been shorter. This is invaluable information as you move forward with your brand identity strategy – particularly in the realm of website design.


Why Every Brand Identity Strategy Needs Simplistic Web Design

Just like a front yard filled with plastic ‘sculptures’ and an embarrassment of holiday paraphernalia, some websites use an overcrowded, busy design, making it difficult to absorb the content. Think about one of those houses. Can you remember anything about the house itself? Like the colour of the shutters, whether or not it has dormers, or if there’s a window in the front door? Chances are that these details – actual defining characteristics about the house itself – have been lost in the clutter.

Here’s how simple web design that gives centre stage to content improves the user experience and strengthens a brand identity strategy:

  • A site with simple design and code loads more quickly. Not only do internet users want quick-loading sites, Google wants it for them. This means that Google will give priority ranking to those websites with the fastest load times.
  • Simple code is easier to de-bug, reducing downtime (during which traffic and sales are inevitably lost).
  • People don’t read every word, they scan. Do you want to take up their scan time with a heap of designer elements – or with the facts? Present the most important information first, then deliver only the facts that support it.
  • Simple website design utilises less server space and bandwidth, equating to a more economical operating cost – particularly if you get heaps of visitors. This leaves more capital for investment in other parts of your brand identity strategy.
  • The less time visitors must spend wading through a jungle of aesthetics, the more time you have to win them over. Think of your website design in terms of being deep, rather than shallow. Remember, beauty is only skin deep. A pretty website without substance is no more effective than an unattractive one.
  • Face it: most people’s brains are already overstimulated when they land on your site. Don’t overflow the bin – they’ll leave frustrated.

Please don’t misunderstand us: simple, or even minimalist, style doesn’t equate to easy-to-navigate web design. First and foremost, keep the user in mind. Make their experience effortless, yet memorable, and the effectiveness of your brand identity strategy will multiply.

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