If your website isn’t performing as well as you were told it would…

If your new website isn’t attracting any more customers than your old website…

If your website looks just like the competition’s, but isn’t doing nearly as well as theirs…

Well, you’ve got a problem. And the problem might not be what you think it is.

One of your gripes is actually the core problem behind your website’s poor performance. Go ahead and blame it on your website developer or website designer, but if you asked for a clone of your competition’s website, and got it…well then, the results are bound to be poor.

Not every developer has the incentive to explain to you that your website strategy won’t work—or that it won’t work well. Not every website designer is going to question what you ask for, because the assumption is that you’ve done your homework, and that you understand the importance of having a website that fully represents your unique brand.

You see, your competition’s website might accomplish a lot for them because it demonstrates their story, their values, their mission, their promise, and their purpose. Because your brand strategy (as demonstrated through your website strategy) should be unique and unlike any other, your website is really working for them. It’s not making your brand promise and fulfilling it. It’s not representing your unique set of values and using those values to attract ideal clients. It’s not telling your story; it’s telling someone else’s, and the disparity is noticeable—leaving visitors confused and distrusting of your brand.

Let’s talk about the steps you can take to make sure your brand’s website is uniquely yours, and therefore more likely to be successful.

Uniqueness: a Website Strategy

Your website should represent your brand—and only your brand. Your ownership of it should be evident, and it should speak for your brand’s values, mission, vision, purpose and promise, even whilst you sleep.

Here are some pieces of advice for creating a website strategy that is uniquely yours:

  • Avoid Templates. If there’s a surefire way to create a website clone, this is it. Many times, there isn’t even consideration paid to the colours offered by website templates. Any number of different types of brands will use the same template, which confuses the consuming public and makes them question the messages they think they’re receiving from replica colours, images and fonts. Want to appear inauthentic? Forget about a website strategy and go with a website template.
  • Hire the Right Website Developer and Website Designer. Who is right for the job? The ones who ask you questions about your brand, and who work to find the things that make your brand unique…and then use what they find to make your website a true representation of your brand and a stand-out in your industry. Hiring the right people to enact your website strategy may cost a little more; however, it’s an investment that will pay off with site visits, revisits, clicks and conversions.
  • Avoid looking to other websites for inspiration. Here’s the truth: Even if you vow to “just look” and try not to absorb what you see on other websites, those ideas will seep into your mind…and may even colour your perceptions of your brand. Instead, avoid all other website designs whilst developing your website strategy. Instead of thinking of how others are doing it, focus on what your target audience members want, need and prefer. Think about how they like to interact, learn and be entertained. This will not only ensure that your website isn’t a clone of another, it will ensure that its visitors feel that the website has been designed just for them.
  • Keep your Mind Open to the Unconventional. No one ever made history or amassed any significant level of attention by being a follower. The ones who do get noticed do something unexpected; something different and unique to their brand. Think in this way, and keep your mind open to new ideas.

These are just a few of the things that can help you, in collaboration with your website designer and website developer, to create a website strategy that properly represents your brand and all that makes it unique. There’s a lot more to talk about, and we’re talking about that and much, much more at our B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamps. Haven’t heard of them? Well, then you’ve been missing out on a branding experience that will change not only the way you do business, but the way you profit from that business. Join us for the boot camp date and venue of your choice by registering here.

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